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We created the umbrella I am Bullyproof  after discovering teachers were using Bonn songs in their general ed and music classrooms, with their  choirs, and with private students. In an effort to support incorporating the music and messages as easy as possible, Lessia teamed up with a few teachers already using them with great success to create ELA / SEL general ed units with the songs, music lessons with the songs, sheet music, full band accompaniment tracks, song kits for choirs and classrooms, prompts and more! Deep thanks to our talented and enthusiastic co-horts!

When this big adventure began, TpT seemed like a natural place to plant our material. It is a convenient and friendly site. It’s easy to use, focused on teachers, and set-up so well, we’ve decided to stay! Even if you are not a teacher, a person can join and make purchases. There is category menu on our TpT page that will take you to your interests. On this site, just check our “find fast” links on the right and down on this page. Enjoy! And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re very friendly.