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This songwriting composition unit covers effective melodic phrasing, lyric crafting, rhyming support, song structures, chord progressions, hooks, planners, prompts, terms, insights on sing-ability – the works. A studio recorded sample song and observation worksheet are also included. Help your students write exceptional songs!

Although this unit focuses on the creation of a single song, it can also be used for multiple individual lessons throughout the year. Individual themes easily cover writing in music class requirements.

As a classically trained professional songwriter, music producer, and songwriting consultant, I have been coaching young songwriters for years. Because of my unique qualifications, I’m able to include cutting edge insider tips and insights that add depth and value to any music appreciation lesson, critical thinking discussion, or writing in music class assignment you may choose for your students.

This unit can be used with students fourth grade through adult. Although it digs deep, lessons are easy to understand – presented with warmth and humor.

Included in this composition unit:

How To Use Teaching Ideas – 7 pages
Teacher Planning Checklist
Student Introduction
Songwriting Tips and Information:
These pages can be used as individual lessons
or as part of a full songwriting project:

Writing Lyrics First
Lyric Rhyme Mirroring
Rhyming Tips
A Trendy Situation
Lyrics Rock
Making Melodies
Mirroring Melodies
Go High, Go Low
Playing with Chords
Finding Notes that Fit with Chords
Discovering Words and Diamonds
Hooks and History
Notation Information
What About That Bass
Song Terms
Most Common Song Structures

Sample Studio Recorded Song “Crumble”
High quality full band MP3
Crumble Song Lyrics
Crumble Song Observation Sheet

Planners and more!
Planning Ahead Checklist
Writing About Prompts page – 2 versions
Fun Rhymes Boxes Page
Problem solving planner
Blank Chord Chart
Taking Note pages – lined and unlined
Final Checklist
Final Questions
Most Important Things I’ve Learned – lined and unlined
8 papers various themes – lined and unlined

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