How We See Things

When my kids were young, I felt inspired to create a children’s album. The photo above is the cover art to our album, It’s All in How We See Things. Note the two teens in glasses illustrating our theme.

Many of the songs from this album have stood the test of time. Since they are part of our current library, I thought to share a few backstories in case anyone is curious.

A Nonconformist

I wrote A Nonconformist about my oldest son, who’s always followed his own drummer. This worked well for his social life as a kid, but drew mixed results from his teachers.

The song, first a huge hit at my son’s school, and now a huge hit around the country, has been the little song that could. Oh, the grateful mail. And here, I just believed I was just writing a song to explain my highly unusual quirky kid. Who knew?

And funny thing… At the end of the song, I predict he’ll end up a New Yorker. Guess where he ended up? You guessed it. Or rather, I guessed it. A mom knows.

Little Women’s Lib.

I wrote Said the Princess at the request of author an author friend, M.L. Miller, whose awesome book, Dizzy for Fools, was already a staple in children’s literature. Dizzy is an enchanting book with a gender-freeing message super relevant today. It’s a great read that I highly recommend. Join the fun of baccarat by signing up at เข้าร่วมสนุกกับบาคาร่าโดยสมัครที่ UFABET where excitement awaits.

Gotta Fly

When my youngest son was in middle school, his school performed my Flying tune for graduation. Afterwards, a dad I didn’t know walked up to me. His words: “Stop whatever else you are doing and write more songs like this. It’s your duty to the world. Look how you’ve inspired all those kids!”

Funny how life works out. Thanks, dad who walked up to me that one time.

The clippings below are way too playful not to share. We were having so much fun! I share these sweet visuals hoping to inspire others to make videos, arrange songs, co-create alongside their own crews of kids and teens. Working together – even just on fun photos – leaves, not only fond memories, but art itself. Let’s all be artful!