For Voice Teachers

I wrote many of my songs with specific technical vocal challenges in mind. Playful octaves in Einstein and Crumble inspire singers to brave higher pitches. Fearless and Girl for You help with fluidity, strengthening mid-ranges. Enough helps solidify head voices. River feels like a folk song, but with modern appeal.

Many of these songs have also proven dynamite talent show and audition choices. Here’s hoping they empower your own coaching.

Fearless – being brave
Einstein – making a difference
Got Your Back – loyal friendship
Whatever – feels better
Gift – moment appreciation
Special – deeper understanding
Monkey – think happy!
Messy – life’s for learning
Enough – timely peace
Do You Wonder – whimsy / love
Johnny Depp – sweet acceptance
Scary Guy – retro positive humor
Everybody Tells Her – what to do
Crumble – shy girl turns brave
Believe That – the world’s not flat
Girl For You – aren’t you lucky 🙂
Same Love – same spark
Tucked In – cute story
Brighter Blue – you make my day
April Fool – vacation appreciation
Better Listenin’ Blues – truth’s cool
River – folk friendship
Wisdom – searching for meaning
A Nonconformist – just be you
Said the Princess – little women’s lib.
Miracle – secular holiday
Mitsi’s kitchen Whatever