Wookies and Edutopia

I was contacted by Edutopia a few years ago, asked to pen a guest post sharing Crew’s story and how far our songs have traveled. Most of the post shares information I’ve already shared on this website. However, the sentimental part makes me teary! It speaks to how songs I wrote for my own kids are now helping other kids everywhere. I love how the words came out just write. So… if you’d like to peak at that part, your heart may just smile. That is, if you have a minute.

Edutopia is a progressive website created by George Lucas, located on his Skywalker Ranch property in northern California. I was invited to visit it’s offices, and while on the site, met up with Yoda, R2 D2, stood by wookies, touched the arc from the Indiana Jones film, and much more. It was a mind-blowing experience! The warehouse, artwork, and grounds are beyond amazing. It was such a precious day. Even lunch was good.

I have photos and photos from the experience I wish I could share. Alas, I signed a disclaimer, I’m not allowed to post them. You’ll just have to believe me about the wookies. 🙂 Above – a photo of the entrance. I had to post something!

The Edutopia site has a lot of great videos and fresh ideas. You might want to check them out.