I am Bullyproof

Kids often tune out to lectures. Songs, however, can peak curiosity, grabbing open hearts and minds when lyrics ring true and the music is engaging. What young person doesn’t ache to feel wise? The right song can make that  happen.

Lessia Bonn stumbled upon this magic trick a while back as she was working with her own teen choir. The best news of all?

Well-centered young people become more empathetic and positive citizens, kinder and more caring creatures of the planet. They are more likely to soak in the world with an open hearts, curious minds, and a healthy sense of humor and perspective when empowered by wisdom, their self worth strengthened by a tune.

Taking it to schools…

After discovering that teachers were incorporating her songs in their classrooms to teach social skills, Lessia teamed up with three awesome teachers already using her material to co-create formal general education and music lessons that wrap around timely and relevant lyric themes.

Collaborators Retta London and Dru Frick are general education magicians. Aileen Miracle is a dynamite music teacher with all kinds of tie-in specialties. Now classroom materials abound! That’s a lot of what this site is about. Not only are all our songs organic and from the heart of our own students, now the lesson videos that accompany school assignments are also organic. They feature students who have enjoyed Lessia Bonn songs for years! Oh, the joy of it!

These photos feature just some of the students from the Bullyproof Rainbow after school club in Farmington, Michigan. Kids took to our songs and lessons so much, they decided to stay after school and explore themes even more deeply.

Please feel free to read our teacher, student, and parent reviews. They’re pretty spectacular, if we can say so ourselves. We’re absolutely thrilled by how much learning and empowering is going on.