Make Your Own

In case you haven’t noticed, kids have lots of opinions. It’s usually a lot of fun for them to organize and express their thoughts. Follow that up with kids and teens who like to sing. There are just so many ways to make videos to share these days. None of ours have ever been formally created. We just have songs and ideas to share. So the question is; *giant drum roll*… do you? Does your own Crew?

Endearing Student Teacher

is a very special video. A sweet student, age ten, discovered our Brighter Blue song and fell in love with it. She proceeded to teach it to all her classmates with enthusiasm. Her teacher, inspired by the event, took an informal video of the event with her phone and sent it our way.

Lena teaching her peers the new Bonn song she discovered

The sweetest thanks ever!

Another student, age ten, discovered our Nonconformist Rap all on his own. Usually very shy, Michael insisted on making a video with his mom’s help to send our way as thanks for the song. Self-taught on piano, he also figured out how to play Gift and sent that too. As you can imagine, we were honored and touched.

Do you have any students who play instruments? Most our songs are piano- based. Check out Barn Burn. We’ve had many happy parents let us know their kids are back at practicing just to play that one song.

Mitsi practicing

The last video shared here is Mitsi in the kitchen – getting Whatever just right. This video proves a person doesn’t need a band behind them to sound great on a song that says something. If the melody’s solid, a video created simply can be a lot of fun.

What do your kids have to say?

This page is a reminder that even just the social concept behind a tune can be a starting point. What do you have to say about a certain song? For example, are you fearless? 🙂 Lena really surprised her with her take on Brighter Blue. Her thoughts certainly weren’t scripted!

Feel free to send any videos our way if you’d like to share. We’d be honored to share them here!

Brighter Blue
Michael – NC Thanks!
Michael playing Gift
Mitsi’s kitchen Whatever