Songs in tune with Life

 Uncovering deeper wisdoms, finding one's sense of humor and a sense of proportion whenever possible leaves young people kinder, stronger, and more in tune with the world and themselves. These inner strengths can save them from turning into bullies, and can also help them better deal with bullies that might show up.

Our  songs and teaching units inspire kind attitudes and support English Language Arts. Song tracks feature appealing young voices kids can relate to. High quality studio recorded tracks include full band and are also piano based to inspire kids to practice piano. Melodies are crafted to help young singers learn to sing more fluidly. Meaningful lyrics that dig deep help kids find their voices in life.

Songs based on True Stories

For a magical decade, Lessia served as happy ringleader to a colorful choir known as "Lessia's Crew." While mentoring her kids musically, she also served as counselor and producer. (CREW STORY video.) As students shared personal challenges with her daily, Lessia soon realized she could greatly empower her kids by offering up fresh new insights and mature life wisdoms inside songs that were addictively fun to sing. As kids began recording more and more "Crew Tunes," our IaBPm wisdom song library came to life!