This website was created to celebrate sweet insights planted in lyrics, miraculous melodies that make us feel much better, and the sincere belief that trying situations can definitely improve if we just take a breath, dig a little deeper, and figure out the ‘why’ of things. And if a song can help us out, how amazing is that?


Becoming a Genre

Once upon time, we were a fun-loving teen choir called Lessia’s Crew. Our ringleader, Lessia, not only listened to our problems, she also wrote songs to help us stand tall and bless our mess. Her tunes were so useful, it made sense to studio record them. After all, we had artful voices, inspiring tunes, and even Justin Timberlake’s drummer to play for us. How lucky is that?


Long story short, we ended up with a sweet library of meaningful material with the power to help others too. With lyric themes that include courage and kindness, mindfulness, social justice, dealing with worry, tolerance, and more, we’d stumbled on a magical genre all our own.

TAXI music: “Fresh voices on deep wisdom. There’s nothing like it!” 

Yay! We’ll take it. Here’s hoping the songs that helped us back in the day, now help you. Happiness and hugs…

Lessia’s Crew


Below: Jessie singing Fearless – our most popular song.


Below: Janna and Anna, one sweet scientist, one Eiffel.