We created this website to celebrate sweet insights planted in lyrics, miraculous melodies that make us feel much better, and the sincere belief that trying situations can improve if we just take a breath, dig deep, and figure out the ‘why’ of things. And if a song can help us out, how amazing is that?

Becoming a Genre

Back in the day, we were a fun-loving teen choir called Lessia’s Crew. Our ringleader, Lessia Bonn, listened to our problems and also wrote songs that helped us bless our mess. Her tunes were so useful we decided to record them. After all, we had artful voices, inspiring material, and even Justin Timberlake’s drummer playing for us. How lucky is that?

Long story short, we ended up with a sweet library of studio-recorded songs with the power to help others too. With themes that include courage and kindness, mindfulness, social justice, dealing with worry, tolerance, and more, we’d stumbled on a magical genre all our own.

TAXI music: “Fresh voices on deep wisdom. There’s nothing like it!” 

Yay! We’ll take it. Here’s hoping the songs that helped us back in the day, now help you. Happiness and hugs…

Lessia’s Crew

Below: Jessie singing Fearless – our most popular song.

Below: a very ‘Special’ telethon


We cherish all our fan mail. Thank you!

Finding Fearless

I teach in a rough neighborhood where the kids are the most vulnerable and defensive students I've ever had. My school has kids graduate 6th moving onto a school with 7th-12th graders in one building. This does NOT help that self-preservation mechanism they have-to help yourself at any cost (even if it will hurt others). I was asked to teach the 6th graders a song for graduation and have been searching for months. When I found Fearless, and in the middle of Barnes & Noble, I started weeping - it says everything I want them to remember. Thank you for the lasting impression your song will leave on their lives.

TpT review

Monkey assist

My tween daughter was going crazy in her new school. BIG drama, which tends to be her style. But then, lo and behold she started running around the house singing your Monkey song--now she seems better. I think it calmed her way down.

Karla - Sonoma mom

Peaceful Passing

My teenage daughter found your song on the internet and recorded herself singing it for her grandfather. During the past week in hospice with him, we played the song over and over. It was the last recorded song he heard. Each time it brought him peace and seemed to give him strength to step forward into the next life. Thank you again for using your gift to bless so many...

Florida mom

Teens in a car

I was driving around town with my friends and this awesome song comes on. Everyone starts singing along and I'm thinking... "Wait a minute, I KNOW this song! I LOVE this song!" Turns out Fearless has found it's way to the other HS and all my friends there know it too! Oh, and it turns out Crumble is all over that high school too. Small world.

Dani - eleventh grade


So my mom's like, "Listen to these songs. You'll love them!" and I'm like, "Duh, mom. I only listen to stuff I know that everybody knows that's new." But then I started listening anyway, and it was strange. I ended up loving these songs SO much, now they're the only songs I wanna listen to. I'm addicted.

Morgan - 7th grade


I was supposed to pick someone for my big "hero" project at middle school. All the other kids in my class picked relatives, but I picked Lessia Bonn and her songs because the songs changed my way of seeing the world. I figure that's pretty hero-worthy!

Faith - eighth grade


I don't know how she does it, but she has this knack of knowing EXACTLY how we're all feeling about life ... then she just puts all that feeling into a song. Makes me teary just to think about how she can do that. It's awesome to be understood.

Jackie - eleventh grade

Rock star

My students all LOVE your songs. You have become a rock star in our classroom! Thanks so much for creating these great resources to help us build the kind of people we want to inhabit our world! 

TpT review

Love for Enough

I teach MS choir in a high poverty city close to near Detroit. I don't have any money or music budget to purchase music and so it's really hard to find songs that students like. I teach one class with severely cognitively impaired students- I was going to make it a general music class, but when I played them Enough they loved it and said they wanted to sing. One boy is very shy and today when they were taking turns coming up to sing another song in front of others - this boy said "ok I will come up but only if I can sing Enough!"

TpT review

MS Appreciation

As a middle school teacher, I really appreciate your music and lesson plans. The depth contained in your material well prepares students for the social studies lessons we present to them later on. What you are up to is so wonderful and needed! It’s also truly original and inspiring. There’s nothing else like it.

TpT review

All the words

My students are asking for your songs during their quiet work time, they want to learn all the words. Oh, and for the Freeze Game too. We’re also learning one of your songs in Sign Language as well as using them for our end of the year slide show. Your songs and lesson plans seem to hit everything we’ve been talking about all year. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to building a caring classroom and wonderful young citizens!

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Wise kids

My students had many many songs to choose from for their graduation. Your Gift song was everyone's choice - they never tire of it! I believe it makes them feel wise!

TpT review

Winning over fussies

My very fussy kids who usually roll their eyes at anything unfamiliar? They LOVE your songs! Thank you so much for coming up with songs that are so engaging and relatable, the tough sells can't help themselves - they're in! Yay I win. Classroom appropriate AND meaningful.

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big decision

Before "the nonconformist" became a hit at their school, our kids were followers. But then one day at the dinner table, my oldest asks me, "dad, am I a conformist or a nonconformist?" I laughed. He decided, "Dad, being a nonconformist is cooler. From now on, I'm gonna be a NONconformist." His mother was so relieved, as you can imagine. His younger sister followed his lead since she copies everything he does.

Santa Barbara dad


I sang a Lessia Bonn song to audition for our high school musical and afterwards all my music teacher could say was “WHERE did you GET that AMAZING song??

Sylvie - tenth grade

whatever feels better

I don't get mad so much at my friends anymore. I just sing Whatever and feel better! hahahaha it also works with my mom.

Madison - ninth grade

Bless my mess

When I auditioned for American Idol, I sang your song Messy. The girl in line behind me, who is btw from a completely different state haha, got all excited and said, "I know that song! I LOOOOOVE Messy!" Just thought you'd like to know Messy has been getting around 🙂

Mariah - college student