Branding Choices

Why we chose ‘Bullyproof’

Someone suggested I join TpT, and for that, I needed a shop name. ‘I am Bullyproof’ is more modern than ‘Lessia’s Life Skills Tunes,’ and holds more context than ‘Lessia Bonn” songs,’ so using Bullyproof seemed fine. However, if you’ve ever stopped to notice; I’ve never used the word ‘bully’ in any of my lyrics. There’s an important reason why.

In a decade or so, the word itself may be replaced by another. Ditto, the trendy word ‘hater.’ Because I write with longevity in mind, I’ve always kept my distance from trendy words as a songwriter. Branding, however, is a bit more fluid and forgiving. It’s just short-hand, keywords etc. It’ll do.

And while we’re here, why don’t I blog, have a mailing list, do Instagram etc?

I’m a bit of a lazy goose. Also, there is the squirrel challenge… 🙂 Hopefully, some day, I’ll get to those things. But in the meanwhile, I’m absolutely thrilled to just have my materials reach out into the world lightly. Hope they’re doing some good!