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Finding Fearless

I teach in a rough neighborhood where the kids are the most vulnerable and defensive students I've ever had. My school has kids graduate 6th moving onto a school with 7th-12th graders in one building. This does NOT help that self-preservation mechanism they have-to help yourself at any cost (even if it will hurt others). I was asked to teach the 6th graders a song for graduation and have been searching for months. When I found Fearless, and in the middle of Barnes & Noble, I started weeping - it says everything I want them to remember. Thank you for the lasting impression your song will leave on their lives.

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Rock star

My students all LOVE your songs. You have become a rock star in our classroom! Thanks so much for creating these great resources to help us build the kind of people we want to inhabit our world! 

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Thanks for Whatever

Was super duper excited to come across your song Whatever. I always like to start off my "Anti-Bullying" unit with a song and follow-up activities, but admittedly, I need to jazz up this part!! This is wonderful and I am looking forward to using it with my kids soon! Thanks so much! 

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Love for Enough

I teach MS choir in a high poverty city close to near Detroit. I don't have any money or music budget to purchase music and so it's really hard to find songs that students like. I teach one class with severely cognitively impaired students- I was going to make it a general music class, but when I played them Enough they loved it and said they wanted to sing. One boy is very shy and today when they were taking turns coming up to sing another song in front of others - this boy said "ok I will come up but only if I can sing Enough!"

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Bless the Mess

Your song Messy is a hidden treasure! Love the “bless the mess.” Perfect for stressful times. Not just for kids.

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Bundle Appreciation

Great bundle resource for my after-school girls group! Love the lesson plans!

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Digging Deeper

My students LOVE your songs!!! They make for great conversations and digging deeper into our reading!!! Can't wait to use all of them!

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Vital Music

What an excellent way to bring musical intelligence into mainstream learning. So vital and yet far too rare for many teens especially! Thanks!

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Anti-bullying concert

Whatever is a great song! We used it in an anti-bullying concert! Thanks!

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Heart and Soul

My elementary GLEE CLUB sang this song and absolutely adored the music. I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed hearing them sing this! The piano part is also really fitting and beautiful to play. My kids sang it with such heart and soul! Thanks!!!

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Spring Concert hit

Yours was our 5th graders' favorite piece on our spring concert. The audience loved the piece too!

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Something Unique

Fearless is such a great song! So glad I came across you ! It's nice to find songs that are appealing to those upper elem kids. It's a "pop" song that is new to most listeners. Something unique. Thank you.

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MS Appreciation

As a middle school teacher, I really appreciate your music and lesson plans. The depth contained in your material well prepares students for the social studies lessons we present to them later on. What you are up to is so wonderful and needed! It’s also truly original and inspiring. There’s nothing else like it.

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All the words

My students are asking for your songs during their quiet work time, they want to learn all the words. Oh, and for the Freeze Game too. We’re also learning one of your songs in Sign Language as well as using them for our end of the year slide show. Your songs and lesson plans seem to hit everything we’ve been talking about all year. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to building a caring classroom and wonderful young citizens!

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Social / emotional Course

I teach a Social and Emotional Well-being course for undergraduate students about helping students in our schools with their social and emotional well-being and learning. I just wanted to let you know that your materials have been very popular with the students in my course!

Kacie - Australian Educator

Wise kids

My students had many many songs to choose from for their graduation. Your Gift song was everyone's choice - they never tire of it! I believe it makes them feel wise!

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Winning over fussies

My very fussy kids who usually roll their eyes at anything unfamiliar? They LOVE your songs! Thank you so much for coming up with songs that are so engaging and relatable, the tough sells can't help themselves - they're in! Yay I win. Classroom appropriate AND meaningful.

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Hit home

Fearless really hit home with my students and with me :-) Fabulous resource. Just what I was looking for.

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My students are really relating to your music! Thank you! Such amazing words and music.

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Student love

Thank you so much for creating all this. It is very well done and my students LOVE your songs!!!

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Special song

Special is a great song! We used it for an anti-bullying concert! Thanks!

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I love the girl's unusual voice. Messy speaks to all of us.

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Just Bonn songs

Thanks so much for all you create. My kids don’t want to sing anything but your songs!

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Octave fun

Love these songs! They are fun and teach great life lessons! The Einstein octaves are especially fun.

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Barn Burn is so timely! Love this for teaching kids integrity! Awesome mix of gossip and media themes.

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Gift is an amazing song! Our graduating 4th graders will be singing this piece for their end of the year performance, and I know it will be a crowd pleaser! As a music educator, I really appreciation the musicality of this piece for young voices

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Word fest

My students are in love with your song Fearless. It has so many words, and they insist on learning and memorizing every last one! It's made a difference.

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Special concert

Got Your Back is our All-time favorite song. We had some students lose their mom and the support from the community was "Got your back". We sang this song for a special concert at the end of the year. So emotional and fitting! Thanks!

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Worthy of recess

My students are so in love with your Gift song, they stayed in from recess just to sing it a few more times. Kids really relate to your music. Thank you!

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Nonconformist enthusiasm

I have 600 kids so in love with your Nonconformist song all begging to take the lyrics home to share. I explained to them about copyrights and that I’d need to ask for your permission!

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Einstein love

My boys love your Einstein song so much, they insisted on me giving them the Youtube link so they could share the song with their siblings and parents at home!

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Problem solving

My fourth graders have been singing Gift all year long, and we are using it for our "graduation song." We refer to the lyrics frequently during our class meeting problem solving sessions. Thank you so much!

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This Got Your Back song and BR unit is AMAZING! I teach fourth grade and this is more beneficial than words can say!

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Do You Wonder

Do you Wonder lesson and song: Great lyrics for inspiring creativity. I don't know exactly what it is - but somehow your flow inspires kids to copy and write themselves. Neat trick!

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Barn Burn

Barn Burn is great for secondary students. Have used it most successfully!!! Thanks very much.

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Get things going

Your songs are great conversation starters. I use them with my boy group!

Marianne - teacher

Cool Enough

Your songs have helped with the fifth grade kids who believe they are too "cool" for music. Thanks!

J Finn - music teacher

Depth and IQ

Your music has not just enhanced the lives of the students in my class, but has changed their lives as well. We are absolutely in love with it. It has depth, intelligence, and great hooks that cross generations and draw entire families in. It belongs not only in schools, but everywhere.

Terri Briggs - Santa Barbara Open Alternative