Wonder and Whimsy

Once, in passing, I heard a person say, “That really floats my boat!” I don’t remember the context, but the phrase stuck in my head. It cracked me up. It tickled me pink.

Soon after, I scribbled out a poem beginning with ‘what floats your boat,’ just for the simple pleasure of the rhyming experience. Yes, I’m weird that way. I’ve always loved rhyming. It settles my head. When I was rhymed out, I left all on my computer, and went off.

Time Passed

Months later, it occurred to me that 1) my brother plays cello, 2) I had a whimsy-filled poem that might make a cool song. I revisited my ditty. Verse one:

what floats your boat – what calls your name
what leaves you laughin’ in the rain
what pens your story, curves your ball
keeps you goin’ through it all

what get you musin’ on a star
what shows you who the heck you are
makes you tender, leaves you wise
kinda opens up your eyes…

Sounds like love, right? After naming it Do You Wonder, I proceeded to wonder if my brother was home. Maybe we could book a studio date for two siblings. We booked, and had a blast. It’s nice being related to a master cellist.

Sonoma, CA Crew Kids (batch 2!) rock whimsy

I’ve been wondering if boats float in your part of the woods, or rather, in your particular harbor. Are the kids in your zip code attracted to whimsy too?

My Santa Barbarian teens were beyond whimsical. Just ask a question like, “What’s the meaning of life?”, they’d muse on for hours. When I moved up to northern CA, I was greeted with more whimsy sprinkled around by my new little Crew. Maybe I bring it out in others? Whatever. I appreciate being around the attitude.

So may I suggest…

Do what I do. Share Do You Wonder with your own kiddos – then ask them what they wonder about. Or even better, ask them what floats their boats. After posing these questions, everyone writes and writes. Poems first, then songs come to life.

I’ve witnessed this particular jump-start get kids eagerly writing over and over again. I don’t know what it is, but it seems most of us are attracted to the call of whimsy – even those of the masculine persuasion. It was so endearing watching my grown brother smile broadly as he put down a sweet cello track to our song, undeniably amused.

Whimsy is fluffy, imaginative, and clever fun. I highly suggest kicking around with it.

What floats your boat?