Penned in Jerusalem


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Many years ago, I went on a spontaneous adventure. I packed my things, hopped a plane, ending up in the Middle East. This experience burst my bubble – it left me caring about the world.

When I returned to the States, the ten-page story I’d written while abroad was discovered by Paramount. Producers envisioned my story and its songs as a coming-of-age film and asked me for a screenplay. As I’m a songwriter, not at screenwriter, things pretty much ended there.

Somehow, through all these years, Enough – a song penned at that time to underline my story, has not only endured, its found wings. I continue to receive touching appreciation from kids everywhere. My teen Crew love the song too. I actually re-recorded the song with alumni Crew girl, Shannon, not that long ago. She did an amazing job! Seems Enough has taken on a life of its own.

Below; my sweet friend, Bedewi, and yours truly – back in the day.

Sweet Read

I’ve kept my story around – typed way back when on my friend’s old typewriter. Once in a while, I share it. Mine isn’t a political tale at all, it’s gentle. If you’d like to learn a little bit about that part of the world, feel free – it’s below.

Here’s hoping one day there will be enough God to go around.

Outside the Old City in Jerusalem