Because of Bedewi

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The year I spent living in Jerusalem changed me completely. It burst my naive little bubble – made me grow up, open my eyes – learn to care about the world. I’m a different person now because of Bedewi, a sweet Palestinian shopkeeper, the most endearing soul I’ve ever met.

Bedewi taught me there are always shades of grey. A person needs to walk in another’s shoes and witness their life before ever laying claim to a powerful point of view. Too often we nibble at some truth, then allow assumptions to fly. Not okay. That’s not the truth – that’s just sloppy thinking. And when we aren’t careful and behave that way, we hurt the entire world. Bedewi taught me to take a breath, listen more, chatter less.

Bedewi’s Story

When I returned home, a ten-page story I’d written about my experiences was discovered by a Paramount producer. This producer envisioned my story as a coming-of-age film that could speak universally. He planned to use the songs I’d penned to go along with the story as a musical backdrop. All I had to do was come up with a film treatment. The project fizzled because even though I really did try my darndest, writing a treatment was beyond my abilities.

Oh, how I wish it hadn’t fizzed! I’d so love to share my story and burst some bubbles right now – open some hearts. We live in a world full of harsh and polarized opinions. But the truth is much more nuanced than that. There are many shades of grey. We all need to remember that.

This was us 🙂

The link below:

I’ve kept Bedewi’s story around for years in its original version. Click on the link below if you’d like to read his tale. To listen to the song that accompanies it, ENOUGH, click on the photo at the top of the page.

May we all lean in, learn to listen, and really know each other’s hearts.

Outside the Old City in Jerusalem