Young Fans

Annoying Situations

Whenever my mom gets on me, I just sing a Bonn song in my head. This helps me not lose it completely when she's being unfair. It helps to have songs for these annoying situations. Otherwise, I might just lose it.

Natalie - ninth grade

Just listen!

I love singing the Gift song! It means so much. Just listen!

Jenna - upper elementary


Goosebumps! These songs give me goosebumps!

Zoe - fifth grade

Really listen

I used to just sing the songs in class. They were fun and I liked them. But then I took them home and started really really listening. This made me realize the songs have a deep meaning that is important because it can teach a person all about the world. These songs are special because they make a person think and feel so much - even more when really listening to the words.

Paul - fifth grade

A knack

I don't know how she does it but she has this knack of knowing EXACTLY how we're all feeling about life and everything... and then she just puts all that feeling into a song that makes us think more clearly somehow. She organizes us. Sometimes it makes me teary just to think about how she can do that. It's eerie... but it works. It's awesome to be understood.

Jackie - eleventh grade


I was supposed to pick someone for my big "hero" project at middle school. All the other kids in my class picked relatives, but I picked Lessia Bonn and her songs because the songs changed my entire way of seeing the world. I figure that's pretty hero-worthy! I love the usual obvious favorite ones; Fearless, Messy, Special, but recently have really hooked into Barn Burn too. There are just so many good ones!

Faith - eighth grade


I sang a Lessia Bonn song to audition for our high school musical and afterwards all my music teacher could say was “WHERE did you GET that AMAZING song??

Sylvie - tenth grade

whatever feels better

I don't get mad so much at my friends anymore. I just sing Whatever and feel better! hahahaha it also works with my mom.

Madison - ninth grade

Who I am

You wanna know who I AM??? You wanna know how I FEEL??? Listen to the song Fearless 'cause it's all about my life! It's me!!!! Fearless is ME!

Serena - tenth grade

Love rocks

I just love these songs because they fill my heart with LOVE!!!

Micky - third grade

Skeptic won over

So my mom's like, "Listen to these songs. You'll love them. They have teen voices on them!" and I'm like, "Duh, mom. I only listen to stuff I know that everybody knows that's new." I wasn't interested. But then I started listening anyway, and it was strange. I ended up loving these songs SO much, now they're the only songs I wanna listen to. I'm addicted. I don't know, they just make me feel good...

Morgan - seventh grade


I LOVE Bonn songs because they are PROFOUND! They have MEANING!!!

Kylie - fourth grade

Help with situations

Whenever my mom gets on me, I just sing a Bonn song in my head. This helps me not lose it completely when she's being unfair. It helps to have songs for these annoying situations. Otherwise, I might just lose it.

Natalie - ninth grade

Traveling tune

So get this. I was driving around town with my high school friends and this awesome song comes on. Everyone starts singing along and I'm thinking... "Wait a minute, I KNOW this song! I LOVE this song!" Turns out Fearless has found it's way to the other high school in town and all my friends in the other school know it too! Unbelievable how an amazing song can travel! Oh, and it turns out Crumble is all over that high school too. Small world.

Dani - eleventh grade

Real song

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gift song because it’s a REAL song. Not like all the baby stuff they’re always trying to get us to sing.

Jaycee - third grade

Not ho hum

I love the way the melodies jump around and are so unpredictable! Nothing ho hum ever to the music.

Jonas - eighth grade

Not at all blah blah

Bonn songs are making me wiser. I really like that they teach me about life, not like the usual boring blah blah love stuff everywhere.

Milly - eighth grade

Self awareness

The Nonconformist song taught me who I am. It's such a relief!

Jacob - fifth grade

Magic shield

When kids try to bully me, I just sing your Sour Grapes song back at them in my head and roll my eyes. It's like a magic shield!

Ryan - sixth grade

Johnny chords

She has a pretty voice but it’s the song, Johnny Depp, I especially like. I love the chord progression. The flat 6!

Michael - high school student, France

Heart Open

Enough is my favorite song because it's taught me how to open my heart to the world!

Annie - third grade

Teen boy request

Can you please write a Crumble song for teen boys now? We get shy too!

Matthew - eleventh grade

Dad problem

It's so annoying! My dad, who is a CEO!!! FYI,  won't stop playing Fearless in the car. He says it's his go-to now, his "picker-up," but it's supposed to be my song!

Sarah - tenth grade

So many favorites

The song collection is really just amazing, and I can't decide which of the songs I liked more out of all the inspired songs. If I had to choose my favorite songs, I would say songs numbers # 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8,11, # 13 all are at the top of the list.

Nick - seventh grade