Adult & Press Fans

Blossoming Adult

Seriously, just one song from you has changed my entire perspective on exactly how to deal…I so appreciate your music!

adult fan checks in

Boys and Girls Club

I really love what you are doing with your kids. Your music is such a fresh way of empowering kids–it’s been great to witness all that in action. I look forward to co-creating as your mission  and that of our club are so obviously in tune.

Don Lewis - Boys and Girls Club

Film students

I hope you don't mind. I just suggested to my 120 film students that they check out your music for use with their films. It's great!

Screenwriting teacher - Los Angeles

Importance of humanity

I had been estranged from my cousin for quite a while as we have clashing beliefs. But watching your music vid made me realize that although maybe I don't fully agree with him, it's the beauty of humanity to find the confidence to stand up for what you believe, even if you find you are wrong. A wise man once said, "Got enemies? GOOD! That means you've stood up for something in your life!" I sent my cousin your song and apologized for not being supportive. Thank you for opening up my eyes so that now I can be fearless too!

Crissy - Utah

Bless my mess

When I auditioned for American Idol, I sang your song Messy. The girl in line behind me, who is btw from a completely different state haha, got all excited and said, "I know that song! I LOOOOOVE Messy!" Just thought you'd like to know Messy has been getting around :-)

Mariah - college student


I can't even tell you how long I've loved your Fearless song; I know it may sound lame, but this song touches more than my heart, it embraces my soul. This song means so much to me and has helped me through some dark and scary times in my life. It's kept me holding on. I wish I had better words than "thank you for this beautiful song", but I am so grateful for its existence.

Aida - Youtube

On Stage

… and then Lessia Bonn and her sweet Crew walk out and steal the show. Who isn’t going to love this stuff? Those songs!

Santa Barbara News Press

No kidding

Everything you write is better than anything on the radio. If I get this Disney movie, we're writing a song together.

One of the Beach Boys - true story

A hit in Paris

I have just discovered your song CRUMBLE. It is too precious. You now have one more French fan. And what do you mean, that girl singer is twelve???

Female news anchor - Paris, France

Enjoying the ride

Although his music is much darker than yours obviously, lately while driving around town, he’s been listening to your songs quite a bit. Of course he likes the moody tracks best, but I'm getting such a kick watching him him enjoy himself. His excuse? "Well, it's good!"

GF of a rock star - name withheld to protect the GF lol

Pro review

Incredibly original and insanely marketable. Nothing like it on this planet!

Taxi Music Review

First time

First time in seventeen years of producing this TV show, I stopped to listen...I was mesmerized... completely drawn in. In seventeen years. Your song Special is special.

DKatich - Kenny Loggins Telethon

Be amused

He keeps driving around town blasting your Johnny Depp song in the jeep--these days that's all he plays. We also love Fearless, naturally, and Messy. Special too. But lately, he’s hooked on Johnny Depp steppin' off his “ship”. The lyrics are so right. Scruffy guys should be appreciated.

GF of a bad boy on "The Hills" series


Oh, this music is all too brilliant!

Francios- southern France

So Uplifting

Have been listening to Got Your Back because I'm going through a rough phase unfortunately. I used to think it was all about my BFF but now I'm realizing it's God speaking to me directly. I love so how your music lifts me up.

Melissa - from Indiana

Get it out there

My people tell me your Fearless is a hit. What are you doing with it?

L Thompson - Thompson Management / Hollywood

Brown and Special

Special is on my "fav songs" list. I kept playing it in my dorm room at Brown (University.) All of a sudden, I'm walking around the dorm and I hear it playing everywhere - coming out of so many rooms! Turns out, it wasn't just MY favorite. It speaks to a lot of other college kids.

Sun - college student

Thank you

Simply put.. your song.. is amazing..Fearless..I love it. It has been in my heart and my ears for weeks now. I am going up against extreme odds next about fear.. and i printed out your words..because I have so much against me..including doubtful words from loved one.. gotta be fearless.. you said it.. THANK you again and again..

Laurie - Newport


I listened to Everybody Tells Her five times in a row today. It's so haunting.... So soulful.

Corey - email from Germany


These songs have a smile built in...!

Don - recording engineer

Us too

Who says your music is just for teens? All my friends and I just love your tunes and we're in our late twenties! Messy is awesome! And Special... And Fearless...

Tiffany - internet msg

Tucked In

Yes, this is a little bit embarrassing. I’m a grown man in love with your song Tucked In. I just purchased the track for myself so I can enjoy it.

Mike - found you on the internet fan

Top Twelve

There are two things I especially love about this material. First, the messages are so uplifting and important for kids, and second, Lessia is about the sweetest person on the planet. Seriously, she is.

Rachel Lynette - 12 top store recommends / TpT

Stamp of approval

I absolutely love the work of I am Bullyproof. I love the messages of the songs Lessia shares, and hope other teachers find her music!

Dale Duncan - S-Cubed