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#classroom community Pop Songs; supports anti bullying, kindness, empathy and tolerance lessons, classroom playlists, singing, counseling, piano students, transitions, critical thinking, creative writing, choir, brain breaks, fun stuff.

Studio recorded MP3s feature young voices on deep thoughts. Features most of our library for grades three through HS! Our kids sing for your kids with positive advice 🙂

Most songs can be sampled in our store.

“Fresh voices on universal wisdom. This is a magical genre all it’s own!”
– industry review

“Who wouldn’t LOVE this stuff?” – Santa Barbara News Press

“For the first time in 17 years, I was mesmerized!” – ABC telethon producer

Enclosed; 27 songs, 27 lyrics appropriate for grades 4-HS. 12 lesson plans, most appropriate for grades 4-7, one usable through HS.

Our younger songs can be purchased as another song bundle.

Songs with stars have lesson plans. All lessons are aligned with CC standards for English Language Arts. All songs come with lyric sheets.

Song lyric themes:

*Got Your Back – friendship, loyalty, team building
*Fearless – staying on task, courage, we are the world
*Whatever – Lose the drama. Save your mood!
*Einstein – make a difference, save the world
*Special – anti bullying, tolerance, kindness
*Barn Burn – anti gossip, media study
*Gift in This Present – appreciation, friendship, poetry
*Believe That – is the world flat?
*Messy – life is a journey
*Enough – timely, tolerance, world history, empathy
*Monkey – don’t worry, think happy!
*Scary Guy – freebie in our store. Anti bullying, Halloween worthy
Where is My Wisdom – critical thinking, media studies
River – friendship, support, keeping the faith
Girl for You – fun for girl singers, girl power
Johnny Depp – fun stuff. writing prompt.
April Fool – positivity
Country Boots – adventure theme. True story
Crumble – Fun writing prompt, empowerment. A hit at the local high school
Everybody Tells Her – but should she listen?
Do You Wonder – what floats your boat? Poetry, wisdom, creative writing. Fun for Valentine’s Day.
Teapot – writing prompt, philosophy, anti bullying, conflict resolution
Better Listening Blues – the truth is usually more interesting
Tucked In – celebrates freedom, appreciating moments
Brighter Blue – because it will make the teacher’s heart smile!
Miracle – secular holiday song about the miracles of life
Flicker Little Candle (Shine) – holiday song about finding wisdom in a candle

Our lead songs are supported with lesson and/or music videos that can be found on our pinterest page and on our website. A full list of songs, themes, and support videos is included in this package. Each song comes with suggestions as to how to use the song with your students.

All these studio recorded songs feature top notch musicians. Some are the parents of our kids! Listen for Justin Timberlake’s drummer, Bucket. The dad who plays on our Monkey song? He’s also played for Beatle Paul McCartney. How harmonious is that?

Featured young voices are students of Lessia Bonn. Singers include Jessie Bridges (dad is actor, Jeff) and Rachel Sand, and lovely young actor who shares a manager with Hilary Duff.

Lyrics and Music copyright Lessia Bonn
I am Bullyproof Music
Lessons by Dru Frick

Music teachers; A songbook, single copies of sheet music and accompaniment tracks are also available in our store to many of our songs.

A few fun details:

We have been told over and over again that our music is the ONLY music families can agree to all listen to on trips in the family van! We are also popular as classroom background musi. Add our songs to your playlist to set and inspiring and empowering mood. “Clue tunes” are often featured on school radio stations. Our song “Special” was a grassroots hit at Brown University. “Flicker” is featured right before “Frosty” on Alfred Music Publishing’s “the Ultimate Christmas Music Collection.”

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