Said The Princess

Female empowerment: girl power song

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Female Empowerment: Girl Power
Use this inspirational song to help students think past gender stereotyping. The sky’s the limit on the things that we can do!

This full band studio recording is a perfect addition to any classroom playlist. Use this magical girl power tune as a conversation starter, for transitions, brain breaks, singing in the classroom, as a writing prompt, for choir performances, and for talent shows.

If you would like the full studio recorded accompaniment track to this song, it can be found here:
Princess accompaniment track

Lyrics are inspired by the classic children’s book “Dizzy From Fools” (Miller) in which a princess disguises herself as a boy so she can audition to be a court jester. The author commissioned this song from Lessia, we recorded it with a full band, and voile’.

From one mom:
“Should I be worried? My son can’t stop singing your Princess song. He loves it!”

No, don’t worry mom. That’s the point. Princess is a song that empowers everyone.

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