Mindfulness and Appreciation Song


#classroomcommunity: Use this mindfulness song to teach kids to appreciate each moment – and to help them deal with anxiety, worry, stress, and even bullies. Since second verse lyrics speak to supportive friendships, Gift makes an awesome addition to any bullying, behavior management or social skills programs you already have in place – including ours!

Gift is one of our most popular songs of all time. It is often chosen by kids themselves to sing at graduation. One story shared with us was of a classroom full of kids who skipped recess just to keep singing this playful song. Lyrics have proven to speak to kids in a very big way. Colorful rhymes that make a lot of sense help kids re-think, relax, and re-focus.

Our appreciation song studio recording makes a PERFECT addition to any classroom playlist.

Listen to a sample of this song in our PREVIEW.

Although this timely song has proven popular with all age students, lesson suggestions included are geared towards grades 4-8.

Also use this song for: singing lessons, behind end-of-the-year slide shows, brain breaks, transitions, rainy days.

An entire Gift unit based on this song that includes this song you may like:
Gratitude and Friendship Rock- Bullyproof Rainbow teaching unit based on our GIFT theme. Includes song!

Gift lyrics are packed with amusing rhymes. Use these lyrics to inspire the most creative writing possible with your students. Gift makes a terrific jump-start for stuck-in-the-mud young writers.

The Gift studio recording makes an awesome reward for chill behavior in class. Send our Gift studio recording home with kids who have proven they need not to react to every little thing that comes their way!
Taking the Gift studio recording home as a reward!

Music teachers: Used Gift to teach kids about modulation. The third verse of this song modulates up a half step to an interesting new key!

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