Theme song

My students love all your songs—especially Fearless, which has become the theme song of our class! 

TpT teacher review

Rock star review

My students all LOVE your songs. You have become a rock star in our classroom! Thanks so much for creating these great resources to help us build the kind of people we want to inhabit our world! 

TpT teacher review

Thanks for Whatever

Was super duper excited to come across your song Whatever. I always like to start off my "Anti-Bullying" unit with a song and follow-up activities, but admittedly, I need to jazz up this part!! This is wonderful and I am looking forward to using it with my kids soon! Thanks so much! 

TpT teacher review

Love for Enough

My students love your Enough song song so much! I teach middle school choir in a high poverty city close to Detroit. I don't have any money or music budget to purchase music and so it is really hard to find songs that students like. I teach one class with severely cognitively impaired students- I was going to make it a general music class ( a few don't speak very well) but when I played them your song they loved it and said they wanted to sing. One boy is very shy and today when they were taking turns coming up to sing another song in front of others - this boy said "ok I will come up but only if I can sing "Enough"! It just a beautiful song with a message that has led to some great discussions.

TpT teacher review

Bless the Mess

Your song Messy is a hidden treasure! Love the “bless the mess.” Perfect for stressful times. Not just for kids.

TpT teacher review

What Matters

I teach in a very rough neighborhood where the kids are some of the most vulnerable (and thus extremely defensive) students I have ever had. My school has the students "graduate" in 6th grade and move onto a school with 7th-12th graders in one building. This does NOT help that self-preservation mechanism they have-- to help yourself at any cost (even if it will hurt others). I have been asked to teach the 6th graders a song for their "graduation", and I have been searching for months. Every "usual" song I found made me feel like it was just another thing they had to learn that wouldn't help them. Then I found your song Fearless, and right there in the middle of Barnes & Noble I started weeping because it says everything I want them to remember. Thank you so much. You are helping students you will never meet, but I am thanking you for-- what I believe will be-- the lasting impression this song will leave on their lives.

TpT teacher review


INCREDIBLE AND INSPIRING! I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I am to have stumbled upon your music. I am deeply impressed, not only by the quality of your music, but by its wisdom. It connects with and speaks straight to the hearts and minds of young people in such a positive and inspiring way. The timing of the messages you share through your music couldn't be more perfect in today's troubled world! VERY EMPOWERING!! As a fifth grade teacher, but ESPECIALLY as a mother, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your amazing gift!!! 🙂

TpT teacher and mom

Peaceful Passing

I wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful song, "Fearless." My teenage daughter found your song on the internet and recorded herself singing it for her grandfather. During the past week in hospice with him, we played the song over and over. It was the last recorded song he heard. Each time it brought him peace and seemed to give him strength to step forward into the next life. Thank you again for using your gift to bless so many...

mom in Florida

Blossoming Adult

Seriously, just one song from you has changed my entire perspective on exactly how to deal…I so appreciate your music!

adult fan checks in

Huge difference

My son never felt good about being his unusual self until we discovered your Nonconformist song one day. After he heard that song, he felt like a hero! It changed his life! Every day after school he’d come home and we’d listen to it over and over. It made a HUGE difference–thank you more than words can express!

Barbara - happy mom

Bundle Appreciation

Great bundle resource for my after-school girls group! Love the lesson plans!

TpT teacher review

Digging Deeper

My students LOVE your songs!!! They make for great conversations and digging deeper into our reading!!! Can't wait to use all of them!

TpT teacher review

Where She Got the Word

My daughter just informed me that your song Nonconformist changed her life. According to her–and to quote precisely; “Mom, that’s the song that taught me who I am.” Wow. And you should see her–she’s so strong from the inside out. Whenever she gets caught going against the grain of expectations, she simply explains  “I’m a nonconformist.” She doesn’t falter. Now I know where she got the word! Thank you thank you thank you

Harriet - mom and educator


My kids are obsessed with your songs. We are so grateful–especially considering all their other choices lately!

Grateful Dad

Vital Music

What an excellent way to bring musical intelligence into mainstream learning. So vital and yet far too rare for many teens especially! Thanks!

TpT teacher review

Anti-bullying concert

Whatever is a great song! We used it in an anti-bullying concert! Thanks!

TpT teacher review

Heart and Soul

My elementary GLEE CLUB sang this song and absolutely adored the music. I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed hearing them sing this! The piano part is also really fitting and beautiful to play. My kids sang it with such heart and soul! Thanks!!!

TpT teacher review

Spring Concert hit

Yours was our 5th graders' favorite piece on our spring concert. The audience loved the piece too!

TpT teacher review

Something Unique

Fearless is such a great song! So glad I came across you ! It's nice to find songs that are appealing to those upper elem kids. It's a "pop" song that is new to most listeners. Something unique. Thank you.

TpT teacher review

Positive Messages

I love what you are doing here! Your music is beautiful and your lyrics are clean and have a positive message! That is so rare, especially in today’s music industry. I’m instantly hooked after hearing just one tune! Messy; I can relate to it so well. I have always felt passionate about music myself and the healing powers it has for the hurting soul, and y’all’s music accomplishes this so well. I feel comfortable letting my small nephews listen to your music because of the positive messages.

pleased aunt

Boys and Girls Club

I really love what you are doing with your kids. Your music is such a fresh way of empowering kids–it’s been great to witness all that in action. I look forward to co-creating as your mission  and that of our club are so obviously in tune.

Don Lewis - Boys and Girls Club

Original and Inspiring for MS

As a middle school teacher, I really appreciate your music and lesson plans. The depth contained in your material well prepares students for the social studies lessons we present to them later on. What you are up to is so wonderful and needed! It’s also truly original and inspiring. There’s nothing else like it.

TpT teacher review

Freeze Game / Sign Language Fun

My students are asking for your songs during their quiet work time, they want to learn all the words. Oh, and for the Freeze Game too. We’re also learning one of your songs in Sign Language as well as using them for our end of the year slide show. Your songs and lesson plans seem to hit everything we’ve been talking about all year. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to building a caring classroom and wonderful young citizens!

TpT teacher review

Social / emotional Course

I teach a Social and Emotional Well-being course for undergraduate students about helping students in our schools with their social and emotional well-being and learning. I just wanted to let you know that your materials have been very popular with the students in my course!

Kacie - Australian Educator

Just listen!

I love singing the Gift song! It means so much. Just listen!

Jenna - upper elementary


Goosebumps! These songs give me goosebumps!

Zoe - fifth grade

Mindful choice

My students had many many songs to choose from for their graduation. Your Gift song was everyone's choice - they never tire of it! I believe it makes them feel wise!

TpT teacher review

Bank line

I realize your song Beyond the Bend is for young people, but I've got to tell you. I know it from our family van and when I'm standing in line at the bank or stuck in traffic? It's my song. It really does relax my nerves.

Jona - family van mom

Winning over fussies

My very fussy kids who usually roll their eyes at anything unfamiliar? They LOVE your songs! Thank you so much for coming up with songs that are so engaging and relatable, the tough sells can't help themselves - they're in! Yay I win. Classroom appropriate AND meaningful.

TpT teacher review


I have to tell you... My daughter is obsessed with your songs and plays them constantly. Her favorite is Fearless even though she's very young - she's still seems to get it. And Einstein, for sure she loves. Every once in a while, a slow one will show up and she'll give me a look and say... "Ugh... mom. It's SLOW!" with such sad eyes. After all, she's just eight. Cracks me up. It's great to have songs around that kids can grow into that are still totally appropriate. Doesn't happen much.

Leslie - amused mom

Really listen

I used to just sing the songs in class. They were fun and I liked them. But then I took them home and started really really listening. This made me realize the songs have a deep meaning that is important because it can teach a person all about the world. These songs are special because they make a person think and feel so much - even more when really listening to the words.

Paul - fifth grade

A knack

I don't know how she does it but she has this knack of knowing EXACTLY how we're all feeling about life and everything... and then she just puts all that feeling into a song that makes us think more clearly somehow. She organizes us. Sometimes it makes me teary just to think about how she can do that. It's eerie... but it works. It's awesome to be understood.

Jackie - eleventh grade


I was supposed to pick someone for my big "hero" project at middle school. All the other kids in my class picked relatives, but I picked Lessia Bonn and her songs because the songs changed my entire way of seeing the world. I figure that's pretty hero-worthy! I love the usual obvious favorite ones; Fearless, Messy, Special, but recently have really hooked into Barn Burn too. There are just so many good ones!

Faith - eighth grade

Monkey assist

My daughter was going crazy in her new school. BIG drama, which tends to be her style. But then, lo and behold she started running around the house singing your Monkey song--now she seems better. I think it calmed her way down.

Karla - Sonoma mom of tween

Night and day

My daughter just sang your song Fearless at her school talent show. She did a great job and afterwards people were asking me right and left how she came up with such a terrific song to sing. Just wanted to let you know she sings Fearless night and day. And now all of her friends do too!

Patricia - mom of sixth grader


Every young girl should sing Fearless! It will teach her EVERYTHING she ever needs to know.

Becky - mom of tween

Practice inspiration

Thank you thank you thank you. You've got our oldest daughter back to practicing her piano. All because she insists on learning your song Barn Burn. It gives her a goal. No more arguments! Oh and we finally have music we can all agree we all like in our family.

Mark - pleased dad in CA


This music is really commercial AND really meaningful. Our whole family loves it. WOW.

Maryanne - wowed mom

Possibly good

Our kids play your songs over and over and over--that's all we hear! Yes, it's great material but those darn hooks are now stuck in our own heads like glue! I guess that's a good thing...

dad with hooks in his head

Two nonconformists

Before "the nonconformist" became a hit at their school, both our children were both very much followers. But then one day at the dinner table, my oldest asks me, "dad, am I a conformist or a nonconformist?" I just looked at him cross-eyed. He says, "Dad, I've decided being a nonconformist is way cooler. From now on, I'm gonna be a NONconformist." His mother was so relieved, as you can imagine. His younger sister followed his lead too since she copies everything he does. Thanks so much for that song. You helped alot!

relieved dad of two changed children

Bass player offer

My youngest son, Miles, is also a teen musician--he writes, plays the bass and has a band. We listen to your songs together and enjoy them a lot. We especially like "Fearless" and "Einstein". Keep up the great work! P.S. Do you need a bass player?

Susan Sarandon - actress, NY

Texas Sense

I am the manager/director of a singing group in Texas called Sense of Direction. We have recently discovered your inspirational music. Our group is learning, performing, recording and working on music videos to showcase your music. We love the fact that all of the music is beautifully written with great music AND lyrics, that it’s contemporary and age appropriate and fun to sing. We would love to hear any new songs you come out with. Please check out our Got your Back  video of your tune! We’re also working on another video of another one of your tunes and hope to have many more to show you soon! Thank you for the inspirational music! We can’t get enough of it!

Mom of Texas teens


Our kids have grown up on Bonn songs. We love them. We even have Lessia Bonn song parties. Discovered this wonderful music on the internet. We are in Jerusalem. I have NINE kids, so we have a lot of parties!

Jerusalem dad of nine

Feel better

Your music is EXACTLY right for our daughter right now. She has anxiety issues, leftover issues from being bullied and many more. When she's happy, she's very happy. But when she's not... Her therapist said singing can get her out of her head and you song lyrics cover exactly what she needs to learn. Grateful.

Mona - appreciative mom

Einstein glow

Been dancing around the living room with my kids singing makes us SOOOOOO happy!

Jennifer - dancing parent

Beautiful variety

So many flavors of beautiful voices! Each one lends a different texture to the vocal fabric of the "whole", and each voice seems perfect for the song it's delivering. Great songs! I love the variety of messages and the simplicity of the music.

Donna - mom in IL

Magical performance

We have been listening to your music pretty much all of the time. Last night we went to a wonderful jam session at a friend's house. My daughter was the only young person there. She got up on stage and belted her little heart out on one of your songs in front of the crowd. Her debut performance! She got bit by the stage bug though, even though everyone only made one stage appearance, and my daughter wanted to sing your entire song collection! It was magical!!!

Linda - proud mom

Film students

I hope you don't mind. I just suggested to my 120 film students that they check out your music for use with their films. It's great!

Screenwriting teacher - Los Angeles

Audition success

I sang a Lessia Bonn song to audition for our high school musical and afterwards all my music teacher could say was “WHERE did you GET that AMAZING song??

Sylvie - tenth grade

Attitude switch

I don't get mad so much at my friends anymore. I just sing Whatever and feel better! hahahaha it also works with my mom.

Madison - ninth grade

Importance of humanity

I had been estranged from my cousin for quite a while as we have clashing beliefs. But watching your music vid made me realize that although maybe I don't fully agree with him, it's the beauty of humanity to find the confidence to stand up for what you believe, even if you find you are wrong. A wise man once said, "Got enemies? GOOD! That means you've stood up for something in your life!" I sent my cousin your song and apologized for not being supportive. Thank you for opening up my eyes so that now I can be fearless too!

Crissy - Utah

Messy everywhere

When I auditioned for American Idol, I sang your song Messy. The girl in line behind me, who is btw from a completely different state haha, got all excited and said, "I know that song! I LOOOOOVE Messy!" Just thought you'd like to know Messy has been getting around 🙂

Teresa - college student


I can't even tell you how long I've loved your Fearless song; I know it may sound lame, but this song touches more than my heart, it embraces my soul. This song means so much to me and has helped me through some dark and scary times in my life. It's kept me holding on. I wish I had better words than "thank you for this beautiful song", but I am so grateful for its existence.

Aida - Youtube

On Stage

… and then Lessia Bonn and her sweet Crew walk out and steal the show. Who isn’t going to love this stuff? Those songs!

Santa Barbara News Press

No kidding

Everything you write is better than anything on the radio. If I get this Disney movie, we're writing a song together.

One of the Beach Boys - true story

A hit in Paris

I have just discovered your song CRUMBLE. It is too precious. You now have one more French fan. And what do you mean, that girl singer is twelve???

Female news anchor - Paris, France

Enjoying the ride

Although his music is much darker than yours obviously, lately while driving around town, he’s been listening to your songs quite a bit. Of course he likes the moody tracks best, but I'm getting such a kick watching him him enjoy himself. His excuse? "Well, it's good!"

GF of a rock star - name withheld to protect the GF lol

Pro review

Incredibly original and insanely marketable. Nothing like it on this planet!

Taxi Music Review

First time

First time in seventeen years of producing this TV show, I stopped to listen...I was mesmerized... completely drawn in. In seventeen years. Your song Special is special.

DKatich - Kenny Loggins Telethon

Be amused

He keeps driving around town blasting your Johnny Depp song in the jeep--these days that's all he plays. We also love Fearless, naturally, and Messy. Special too. But lately, he’s hooked on Johnny Depp steppin' off his “ship”. The lyrics are so right. Scruffy guys should be appreciated.

GF of a bad boy on "The Hills" series


Oh, this music is all too brilliant!

Francios- southern France

So Uplifting

Have been listening to Got Your Back because I'm going through a rough phase unfortunately. I used to think it was all about my BFF but now I'm realizing it's God speaking to me directly. I love so how your music lifts me up.

Melissa - from Indiana

Get it out there

My people tell me your Fearless is a hit. What are you doing with it?

L Thompson - Thompson Management / Hollywood

Brown and Special

Special is on my "fav songs" list. I kept playing it in my dorm room at Brown (University.) All of a sudden, I'm walking around the dorm and I hear it playing everywhere - coming out of so many rooms! Turns out, it wasn't just MY favorite. It speaks to a lot of other college kids.

Sun - college student

Thank you

Simply put.. your song.. is amazing..Fearless..I love it. It has been in my heart and my ears for weeks now. I am going up against extreme odds next about fear.. and i printed out your words..because I have so much against me..including doubtful words from loved one.. gotta be fearless.. you said it.. THANK you again and again..

Laurie - Newport


I listened to Everybody Tells Her five times in a row today. It's so haunting.... So soulful.

Corey - email from Germany


These songs have a smile built in...!

Don - recording engineer

Us too

Who says your music is just for teens? All my friends and I just love your tunes and we're in our late twenties! Messy is awesome! And Special... And Fearless...

Tiffany - internet msg

Tucked In

Yes, this is a little bit embarrassing. I’m a grown man in love with your song Tucked In. I just purchased the track for myself so I can enjoy it.

Mike - found you on the internet fan

Top Twelve

There are two things I especially love about this material. First, the messages are so uplifting and important for kids, and second, Lessia is about the sweetest person on the planet. Seriously, she is.

Rachel Lynette - 12 top store recommends / TpT

Stamp of approval

I absolutely love the work of I am Bullyproof. I love the messages of the songs Lessia shares, and hope other teachers find her music!

Dale Duncan - S-Cubed

Hit home

Fearless really hit home with my students and with me 🙂 Fabulous resource. Just what I was looking for.

TpT teacher review


My students are really relating to your music! Thank you! Such amazing words and music.

TpT teacher review

Student love

Thank you so much for creating all this. It is very well done and my students LOVE your songs!!!

TpT teacher review

Special song

Special is a great song! We used it for an anti-bullying concert! Thanks!

TpT teacher review


I love the girl's unusual voice. Messy speaks to all of us.

TpT teacher review

Just Bonn songs

Thanks so much for all you create. My kids don’t want to sing anything but your songs!

TpT teacher review

Octave fun

Love these songs! They are fun and teach great life lessons! The Einstein octaves are especially fun.

TpT teacher review


Barn Burn is so timely! Love this for teaching kids integrity! Awesome mix of gossip and media themes.

TpT teacher review


Gift is an amazing song! Our graduating 4th graders will be singing this piece for their end of the year performance, and I know it will be a crowd pleaser! As a music educator, I really appreciation the musicality of this piece for young voices

TpT teacher review

Word fest

My students are in love with your song Fearless. It has so many words, and they insist on learning and memorizing every last one! It's made a difference.

TpT teacher review

Special concert

Got Your Back is our All-time favorite song. We had some students lose their mom and the support from the community was "Got your back". We sang this song for a special concert at the end of the year. So emotional and fitting! Thanks!

TpT teacher review

Worthy of recess

My students are so in love with your Gift song, they stayed in from recess just to sing it a few more times. Kids really relate to your music. Thank you!

TpT teacher review

Nonconformist enthusiasm

I have 600 kids so in love with your Nonconformist song all begging to take the lyrics home to share. I explained to them about copyrights and that I’d need to ask for your permission!

TpT teacher email

Einstein love

My boys love your Einstein song so much, they insisted on me giving them the Youtube link so they could share the song with their siblings and parents at home!

TpT teacher review

Problem solving

My fourth graders have been singing Gift all year long, and we are using it for our "graduation song." We refer to the lyrics frequently during our class meeting problem solving sessions. Thank you so much!

TpT teacher review


This Got Your Back song and BR unit is AMAZING! I teach fourth grade and this is more beneficial than words can say!

TpT teacher review

Do You Wonder

Do you Wonder lesson and song: Great lyrics for inspiring creativity. I don't know exactly what it is - but somehow your flow inspires kids to copy and write themselves. Neat trick!

TpT teacher review

Barn Burn

Barn Burn is great for secondary students. Have used it most successfully!!! Thanks very much.

TpT teacher review

Get things going

Your songs are great conversation starters. I use them with my boy group!

Marianne - teacher

Scout Approval

I'm a mom in charge of a whole lot of girls. Your songs are perfect for us - empowering and thoughtful. Songs to grow by!

Cara Lee - scout leader

Stamp of approval

These songs are perfect for Girl’s Inc! Our choir sings your songs every year. For quite some time this wonderful music has been inspiring not just our girls, but also our staff, parents and volunteers. The material is not just fun, it contains meaningful lyrics that reflect the heart of Girl’s Inc’s philosophy.

Monica Spear - Executive Director, Girls Inc

Who I am

You wanna know who I AM??? You wanna know how I FEEL??? Listen to the song Fearless 'cause it's all about my life! It's me!!!! Fearless is ME!

Serena - tenth grade

Love rocks

I just love these songs because they fill my heart with LOVE!!!

Micky - third grade

Skeptic won over

So my mom's like, "Listen to these songs. You'll love them. They have teen voices on them!" and I'm like, "Duh, mom. I only listen to stuff I know that everybody knows that's new." I wasn't interested. But then I started listening anyway, and it was strange. I ended up loving these songs SO much, now they're the only songs I wanna listen to. I'm addicted. I don't know, they just make me feel good...

Morgan - seventh grade


I LOVE Bonn songs because they are PROFOUND! They have MEANING!!!

Kylie - fourth grade

Help with situations

Whenever my mom gets on me, I just sing a Bonn song in my head. This helps me not lose it completely when she's being unfair. It helps to have songs for these annoying situations. Otherwise, I might just lose it.

Natalie - ninth grade

Traveling tune

So get this. I was driving around town with my high school friends and this awesome song comes on. Everyone starts singing along and I'm thinking... "Wait a minute, I KNOW this song! I LOVE this song!" Turns out Fearless has found it's way to the other high school in town and all my friends in the other school know it too! Unbelievable how an amazing song can travel! Oh, and it turns out Crumble is all over that high school too. Small world.

Dani - eleventh grade

Real song

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gift song because it’s a REAL song. Not like all the baby stuff they’re always trying to get us to sing.

Jaycee - third grade

Not ho hum

I love the way the melodies jump around and are so unpredictable! Nothing ho hum ever to the music.

Jonas - eighth grade

Not at all blah blah

Bonn songs are making me wiser. I really like that they teach me about life, not like the usual boring blah blah love stuff everywhere.

Milly - eighth grade

Self awareness

The Nonconformist song taught me who I am. It's such a relief!

Jacob - fifth grade

Magic shield

When kids try to bully me, I just sing your Sour Grapes song back at them in my head and roll my eyes. It's like a magic shield!

Ryan - sixth grade

Johnny chords

She has a pretty voice but it’s the song, Johnny Depp, I especially like. I love the chord progression. The flat 6!

Michael - high school student, France

Heart Open

Enough is my favorite song because it's taught me how to open my heart to the world!

Annie - third grade

Teen boy request

Can you please write a Crumble song for teen boys now? We get shy too!

Matthew - eleventh grade

Dad problem

It's so annoying! My dad, who is a CEO!!! FYI,  won't stop playing Fearless in the car. He says it's his go-to now, his "picker-up," but it's supposed to be my song!

Sarah - tenth grade

So many favorites

The song collection is really just amazing, and I can't decide which of the songs I liked more out of all the inspired songs. If I had to choose my favorite songs, I would say songs numbers # 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8,11, # 13 all are at the top of the list.

Nick - seventh grade

Cool Enough

Your songs have helped with the fifth grade kids who believe they are too "cool" for music. Thanks!

J Finn - music teacher

Depth and IQ

Your music has not just enhanced the lives of the students in my class, but has changed their lives as well. We are absolutely in love with it. It has depth, intelligence, and great hooks that cross generations and draw entire families in. It belongs not only in schools, but everywhere.

Terri Briggs - Santa Barbara Open Alternative