Quirk chords, messy places, big concerts, duffel bags, large coins, devine dreams, seein’ the funny side… ‘n having faith that

 it’ll all work out because it just will. Best friends, SOOO…cute boys, ring tones, unusual melodies, high drama unfortunately sometimes

but mostly, the ability to endlessly chill. Great advice, guitar strings, keeping an open heart as much as humanly possible,

being brave, being silly, sky-diving, tennis balls, pirates especially if they’re Johnny Depp. Coldspring’s Tavern, long

 insightful conversations that sometimes lead everywhere and, once in a while, nowhere in particular but hey, so what? laughing out loud,

a room full of half-asleep teenagers still in slippers, Danielle’s big gold pick up. Yep, it’s gold–she drives it in her video. Check it out. What else? hmm…

Brattiness once in a while, (think of it as pepper), nice guys that don’t finish last ’cause

 bad boys you can tame, but once you tame them, honestly, they can be kind of a snore. Remembering that.

 Feeling really great about absolutely nothing–and everything–’cause hey, we all know we pick our moods. The “Dude”, haha ’cause we know the guy, Gossip Girl, purple uggs. Deep thoughts, a great cup of coffee. Paris, France. Getting Lost haha, singing cool songs, and absolutely knowing that

whether we think we can – or we think we can’t – we’re probably right.