The whole thing about whatever

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Rachel, 16,  knocks on my door one day.  She’s very upset. “You’ve gotta help me with my mom!” she begs. “I think she’s hormonal!”

It seems there has been an incident–something to do with a wet towel left on the floor. Left there by Rachel, of course. But mom, according to this innocent seeming teen, has very much over-reacted.

“I need a song, Lessia!” Rach begs me. ”I need a song to sing in my head back to my mom whenever she gets hormonal like this–because this is crazy making! She’s being so unreasonable! PALEEEEZ write me one of your songs for this kind of situation so I don’t just explode!”

When Rachel looks straight at me with her pleading beautiful green eyes, I can’t help but notice she does kind of look like she’s about to explode.

We discuss the wet towel issue for a while, then get to a bit of singing after I promise to write a song of some sort.                                Rach at a local coffee shop explaining the towel situation


Rachel is a girl so perfect a normal person might want to strangle her for being that perfect except for that she’s so genuinely awesomely nice that you can’t. This sweet teen is not only warm, beautiful and loving, she’s a math genius, a tennis champion (national) and a gifted actor. She’s also that stunning kind of beautiful that shows up with no make up. Rachel is fun, she’s positive, she’s almost unbelievable. But she’s believable because she’s so sincere. I’m serious when I say it’s doubtful that she has a flaw.

Oh, wait. She does have a flaw. Her mom can’t get her to practice piano. Rach would rather just sing. Well, yah know.. that flaw is rather up in the air anyway. Not everyone has to like Beethoven.

Oh, and I forgot to add in one other thing; Rachel usually gets along swimmingly with her mother. She loves her family and rarely has a beef. But this towel thing, well, it’s got her all out of sorts. “It’s obvious my mom is just going through something having nothing to do with me at all!” she insists.

Well, yah know…it happens. I know I’ve hit hormonal city at times. Haven’t you?

Janna (another Crew songbird) sharing her own stories

When Rachel leaves, I get to writing her a song, just in case her “take” is true.  I decide to call it “whatever” since everybody knows whatever can make a person feel much better. haha I just love saying whatever personally. Because whatever makes me feel better.

Rachel learns “Whatever” and begins singing it a lot whenever wet towels or runaway hormones come into question. I’m told this helps a lot on the family front by both mom and daughter. They both thank me profusely.

Another song to the rescue. YAY! I’m so glad about whatever.

Below; a sweet video explaining whatever :-)

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